Friday, May 15, 2009

New Moon Mama Painting with Milo Moon

"And the Stars Smiled
Down For Sure"
Image Size: 14" x 11"
Acrylic on Paper, Unframed
I painted another Moonheadmama painting with Mama Moonhead and baby Milo Moon. I wanted to use soothing ocean colors and show the stars. A segment in the Moonheadmama story has the stars smiling down.

I'm still playing with the story of course. But ideas are coming to me all the time. I write down story notes so I can remember them. The notes are great for when I do my paintings. And that way when the story is written I can refer back to my notes.

Remember a portion of the sales of the Moonheadmama paintings goes to Acres of Hope, a non-profit helping homeless women and children.

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