Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Moonhead Story

"She Whispered Twilight Dreams
to Moonbaby"

10.75" x 15"
Acrylic on Paper
For sale at private auction on

I love this painting, the colors are very luminous and vivid. The yellows more yellow and green more green than what it looks like online. The photo doesn't do this painting justice. I almost titled it Meditative Nights or something along those lines because it seemed to have a very meditative quality to it. But then I looked at the Moonheadmama's mouth and it looks like she is whispering something to Moonbaby, soothing him with sweet dreamy words.

You might have been wondering, What the heck is a Moonhead anyway, so I developed the Moonhead Story a little more and put it on I named the baby Moonhead "Milo". You can read the Moonhead description below.

What is a Moonhead you ask? Moonhead's live and play in the twilight hours and after midnight, you can find them flying fancifully, in a playful swirly fashion. Flying between moonbeams and shooting stars, in the shadow of the crescent moon, they land in small villages and do good deeds when nobody is looking and often you can find them working tirelessly into the wee hours. They love their children enormously and small furry animals, especially bunnies! They have a zest for life and feast on chocolate and marshmallows and love irish cheese. And yes, they do have moon shaped heads! Moonheadmama is the matriarch of this magical bunch and she loves to cradle a pure white, slivered moon baby in her arms, feeding her little Milo Moon chocolate almond milk and singing a sweet lullaby to ease her young one into a sleepy dreamland.


John Iverson said...

Beautiful story for beautiful art ma'am

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Thank you so much for leaving a sweet comment. Inspiring others with the Moonhead story is a beautiful thing too.