Sunday, March 15, 2009

My week in Seattle

I've been in Seattle this past week. I've been helping my Mom who had double knee replacement surgery. She recently got out of a rehab center she'd been in for a month but she still needed a little help for this first week back home.

One great thing about being in Seattle, besides being able to see a couple friends I hadn't seen in a long time, is experiencing city life and art!

Alden Mason is one of my favorite Northwest artists and he is showing work at the Foster White gallery downtown. There is an article about him in the Seattle Times this morning. Here's a Mason quote from the article which I really liked:

"was wonderful because your hand is a smartass. You think 'I can draw figures and people with my eyes closed,' but when your eyes are closed, your hand puts the arm coming out of the leg or hip. Crazy things happen, which is what I like."

Reminded me of a conversation with one of my friends yesterday. She was talking about photography and the element of surprise one gets sometimes in a photo. The spontaneous elements that you don't plan for when shooting can be the best part of a photo! I agreed. That happens with painting. And it's one reason I sometimes paint with my left hand instead of my right. Like Mason, I like the crazy things that come out when you close your eyes and paint or use your less dominant hand, the unexpected lines and marks give the painting a freshness. A more spontaneous feel.

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