Friday, September 18, 2009

Etsy Treasury and Hearting

My original painting titled Cosmic Garden II is featured in an Etsy Treasury today by LaughingFridge who has really cute Fridge Art Magnets in their Shop. For those who don't know, a Treasury is a listing of 12 hand-picked items from an Etsy member. The Treasury is short lived and the various Treasuries will change so one can see new items all the time. If a member is able to get a time slot for a Treasury, they can choose whoever they want, they can pick items by color, or a theme or type. The Treasury is not intended for self-promotion, but instead to acknowledge and share cool and beautiful things for sale on Etsy.

The person who included my item had a theme of having items from people that had hearted their shop. Hearting means one adds an item or member's shop to a list of their favorites. I like Hearting shops so I can easily get back to them and possibly buy something from a shop I like. Below is what a Treasury looks like.

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A Creative Dream... said...

The whole treasury thing on Etsy is something I've never been able to do, it is always full! I did find out that my queen bee had been in one, but only by accident. I wish it were easier for more of us to participate in. I'm so glad you were featured!