Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative Mobiles and Hanging Artsy Things

Mobile I made from beads I had on hand.

I love mobiles and hanging, artsy things that swirl and twirl in the wind. I have quite a few hanging around our house and yard. Sometimes when we're at the beach or camping, I like to make mobiles from found objects. Below are a few samples of some mobiles and hanging art.

Twirly mobile that hangs off the deck.

Handmade wind chime.

Another handmade wind chime.

Chime mobiles that hang out near the labyrinth in our yard.

Glowy marble mobile hanging off the deck.

Sunshine I painted that hangs in a tree in our yard.

Moon on the other side.

This is a mobile I made from seashells and driftwood when
we were in Baja camping at the beach.

From Etsy Shops that I like.

3-Tiered Natural Bird Mobile by Crisswell Creations

lilimandrill with do a Custom Mobile for you.

BeachString made a seashell and dolphin mobile.

Botanicraft made a celestial Moon Mobile.

If you want to see more mobiles, here's a link to some neat mobiles made by Konrad's Mobiles
and some by Mod Mobiles. makes mobiles out of glass, check out this link!

And a link to a make a mobile art project >

Hope you enjoyed seeing these Mobiles! Maybe you will make or buy one too! Let me know if you do.

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Serendipity Collections said...

Love everything but especially love the sunshine you painted with the moon on the reverse!