Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 Year Anniversary of My Art and Travels Blog

It's been one year today, August 27th, that I started blogging. A year ago, I didn't know what it would be like to be a blogger. I'd heard a lot about it but I didn't know. So I decided to delve in and try my hand at it! And it turns out, I like blogging. I find it fun to share what I'm up to. Share my ideas, share cool things I've found on the web. I like sharing my latest paintings and my latest travel adventures. I like sharing about other artists I've found and their art! I love doing my Artist Day Notes on Fridays. It helps me to me more present. It sets me in a grateful mood for where I am at.

Blogging has opened me up to the whole world on the internet of people that communicate, buy, sell, share, challenge, spread joy and look to each other for inspiration.'s a land that is wide open and expansive and it grows everyday as new people find their way to it.

I want to thank my followers who have been checking into my blog and making comments. It encourages me to know that their are people who are actually reading what I write! People who are interested. I know there are a number of blogs that I follow and I love checking in on them and seeing what people are up to. It inspires me!

Lately there is one lady in particular whose blog I love to read. We met through and I'm a big admirer of her writing! She is Kristen D. Randle and her blog is I think her writing is just awesome and I'm currently reading her book "The Only Alien on the Planet" which I love and I just started reading! I already think it should be made into a movie! So you never know who you will meet on the internet. Especially if you take the time to leave a comment on someone's blog or make contact with them in some way. You might find you make a new friend, or like to trade ideas or art or website links. sounds cliché but you just never know who you will meet unless you take the first step.

There are three artists I'd like to mention that I've enjoyed meeting since I've been on the internet with my blog and using social media. The first one is Juli Ryan. When I say "meet" it is through emails and correspondence on Facebook and Twitter or through Etsy or blogging. Someday maybe I will be able to meet Juli in person and go to one of her art shows because I just love her paintings filled with enchantment and color!

Love is a Strange Place... By Juli Ryan

Childhood Magic by Juli Ryan

Another artist is Amy Komar. She lives in Alaska and I really enjoy reading her blog! She writes about living authentically and she also loves creating spirals, dots and conveying the connectedness within the Universe in her beautiful paintings. Her art and writing drew me in, and made me want to learn more about her.

Wildfire by Amy Komar

Year of the Dragon by Amy Komar

The next artist I've enjoyed meeting is Tine Wiggens. Her playful, colorful art caught my attention right away! There are lots of elements of childhood in her work which is one of the things I love about it. They're very dreamlike paintings to me and I love their simple, yet powerful imagery that captures my imagination.

The Kite by Tine Wiggens

Counting the Stars by Tine Wiggens

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope to continue with writing it and sharing my art journey, future travels and ramblings about life with you. And also please leave a comment because I love to meet other people and learn what others are up to.


Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

Congrats! on your 1yr anniversary

K said...

I've been meaning to write you, Lindy - but I can't even begin to tell you about the circus that's been playing itself out in these parts over the last three weeks. I am dizzy with it. Seems like life glides for awhile, and just when you get used to that, everything suddenly starts to unravel - with some violence, like a cable that's slipped its tension - and all you can do is grab hold and hang on while it whips you around.

Thanks for the mention here - much fun. And for the art - I am especially fond of Tine's.

I'll write - I got everything in the mail, and meant to write right away. Forehead to the floor begging forgiveness. DELIGHTed with all and much gratefulness and happiness!

So more soon -

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Petergaye: Thanks for the congrats! It's been fun.

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

K: Ooowah, hold on tight! Thanks for stopping by to comment! Glad you got the mail delivery! I'll look forward to more from you later. Be well!

Diana Plaisance said...

Congrats on a whole year of blogging! I'm just about where you were a year ago as I'm just getting on board. It is very exciting though to see so many wonderful, inspiring people connecting through cyberspace. Thanks for the recommendations here. I have been a fan of Juli Ryan since I discovered her on Imagekind a couple of months ago. Wonder-ful!