Monday, July 27, 2009

Ten Gifts From Our Camping Weekend

What a wonderful weekend it was! We backpacked in to Little Three Creek Lake out of Sisters. We wouldn't have found the trailhead if we hadn't asked a nice man at Three Creek Lake if he knew where this little lake was. The directions we found online were not so good. Anyway, we found it without having to go driving about and that's a good thing! It is not a very long hike but it sure is a beautiful place to end up and camp. And like we read online, most people go to Three Creek Lake and not many go to this smaller lake except for a day hike. We found that to be true!

Ten Gifts from the Weekend!
1. The kind man who told us where the trailhead was!
2. We took a right instead of a left on the trail (round about way) but it took us through
a beautiful meadow which we wouldn't have seen if we had gone the other way.
3. Saturday had a cloud cover over the sun for most of the afternoon, then, low and behold, the cloud finally burned away and beautiful, bright sunlight shined on us for the rest of the day and the next day too!
4. Lots of lupine and wild flowers in bloom
5. A campfire
6.Watching the stars
7. Taking a day hike up the nearby mountain to check out the gorgeous view!
8.A dip in the lake
9. Making the board game pente with a flat rock and little red and white stones so we could play.
10.Our two dogs being the best camp dogs ever!

I'll post a couple photos later. Check back!

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