Saturday, July 4, 2009

Six new colorful, whimsical bird paintings

I've been painting whimsical birds on wood box frames. I like the way they came out not only because they're colorful and fun but also because one can set them on top of a piece of furniture OR hang them on the wall. I like that one can display them in different ways. The sides vary from 1.5" to 3.5" and I've painted different things on the sides. Some have white dotted spirals and one has colorful swirls.
Below are the images of all six. I'm making some giclee prints of them and will have them available soon at my Etsy Shop.

"Red Raven Brings A Field Of Dreams"

"The Enamored One"

"Anticipating The Journey"

"One Lives In An Enchanted Garden"

"Watching the Wishing Well"

"See How Far We've Come"


Judith HeartSong said...

Very nice blog Lindy! I love these pieces.

Silver Strands said...

I just found you and REALLY love your blog!

Em said...

Lindy, I am so excited I found your blog! I was introduced to your fabulous art when I visited Bend this past January and as I was packing up my bag this afternoon a card advertising your work fell on the floor. LAYERED WORLDS was in bold and I was "bowled" over...I am starting a quilt project of a village with layers of earth and beauty below...and then I find your colorful village painting! I can't wait to now follow you and am looking forward to surprising you with a little ditty in near future! Thank you for enriching this world with your whimsical fresh beauty!!! Em at