Friday, July 17, 2009

Positive Affirmations for Artists A to Z and Free Download

I've read a lot of things over the years about positive affirmations and creating words to repeat to oneself to bring a positive outcome or create a better life. I love reading these kinds of articles and books about becoming the person one is meant to be or travelling the path one is meant to live. I especially have enjoyed books geared toward Artists such as The Artist's Way which is according to the author, Julia Cameron, about "discovering and recovering your creative self". So along these lines, I've created a list of Positive Affirmations for Artists from A to Z. I am going to be very disciplined in using them everyday! I created a screensaver to put on my desktop so I have them handy to read out loud in the morning and whenever I need a little inspiration, I will have them at hand. Below is the list I've created. I'll do another blog post at some point and let you know if I feel a difference.

A - As I create and listen, I will be true to myself.
B - Bountiful abundance is here for me.
C - Creativity is flowing through my life.
D - Dancing with creative spirit makes me sing!
E - Every creative idea is worthy.
F - Free expression is welcome in my life.
G - Gifts of creativity come to me with ease.
H - Help is always at hand.
I - Imagination flows through my art.
J - Joyful moments are mine.
K - Kind words nurture my art.
L - Listening to my higher self expands my creativity.
M - My artistic talents will flourish!
N - Now is the time to develop my creativity.
O - Optimism rules my world.
P - Practicing my art opens me to opportunity.
Q - Quiet my mind for artistic thoughts to enter.
R - Radiating positivity energizes my soul.
S - Success is coming into my life.
T - Trusting my art will flourish nutures my spirit.
U - Unlimited creativity is surrounding me with joy.
V - Vast expanses of creativity are leading me to success.
W - Wells of creative growth flow through my veins.
X - X-pressions of love fill my creative soul.
Y -Yes! is allowing me to create an artistic life.
Z - Zooming toward creative bliss brings me happiness.

If you would like a FREE background of these affirmations to decorate your desktop, please go to my website>. While you're there, feel free to sign up for my Art e-Newsletter as well! Or if you would like to buy a digital collage sheet as a high resolution jpg or PDF of these affirmations, visit my Etsy Shop> You can download and print it out (cost $3.50) so you can frame it or cut it up and use the images in your craft projects, such as for making magnets, or decorating boxes and journals, etc.


Judy Mackey said...

Fantastic idea!! Saw your post on Linkedin.
Happy Painting - Judy

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Thanks Judy! Glad you like it and I hope you find it useful!

Mano said...


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