Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things to know when buying original art

"Red Dog Sleeps by the Light of the Moon"
20" x 16"
Acrylic on Canvas


1. Always get the bill of sale from the gallery or individual when buying an original piece of art.

2. I like to get a Letter of Authenticity from the artist- this will often come with an original piece of artwork.
It should have the title of the piece, the medium or how it was produced, dimensions, date, number in the edition if it is a limited edition print, signature of the artist and any other names the artist goes by. For example, I sign my artwork L. Gruger but my name is Lindy Gruger Hanson. Also is should include the names of people or companies that helped produce the art, and complete and current contact information. There is some controversy over what constitutes a valid certificate. A valid certificate states that the art is unquestionably by the artist who has signed it.

3. The artist's resume and bio.

4. The artist's Artist Statement

5. If you like a piece and want to buy it, make sure you know what you are buying. Is it an original painting, limited edition print, open edition print, a reproduction?

5. Find out how to care for your new art piece. What is it made out of? encaustic, metal, glass, plexi glass? Does it need special care and does the artist have some care instructions to give you? Is it printed on archival paper that will last?

6. Before buying a piece of art, get to know the artist. Visit their website, go to gallery openings, get on their email list, read their blog. Sometimes an artist will have unshown or older unsold pieces of art in their art studio. Set up a studio visit! You might be able to find a really unique piece that way.

7. If you know someone else who has purchased from the artist, talk to them and find out their experiences.

8. Don't be afraid to buy a piece of original art if you love it! It will bring you great joy every time you look at it and that alone is priceless!