Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Present - Holding the Energy Paintings

Sometimes, I look around, and I just see "things". Big, small, crooked, round, angled, upside down, around here and over there. It's just everyday life. I see but I forget to really see. I forget to notice. I forget to see the detail. The color! I forget to dial in to the NOW.

I often paint, a small figure that is holding a spiral. She reminds me to See. To really See. At home, I have a painting of her in my art studio, on a shelf, close to where I paint, near my art table. I look at her and she reminds me to be Present. To hold the energy close. To be still. To listen. To see.

I've painted her in different settings

by the river

in the desert at sunset

by the bridge

So that is what I decided to do this morning. To look around and appreciate what I saw. To notice the detail. To soak up the color! To be grateful for the beauty I am living in. And so I took some photos to remind me and share them with you.

See the color around you, notice the shapes, see the detail!

blue and green

red and tan

orange and lavender

pink and blue


What is it that you do to help you be present?
How do you heighten your sense of awareness?

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jeweledrabbit/Maureen said...

I think that living in the now is the most difficult spiritual task there is.

I meditate and make jewelry to help me be more aware.

Those paintings and photos are beautiful.

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Thanks for commenting! I like to hear what other's are doing to be more aware! I get inspired by that.