Monday, March 30, 2009

Whimsical Well painting

I finished painting the Circle Garden this weekend. It's been renamed the Whimsical Well which seems more fitting. I believe it used to be an old water tank and it is very whimsical now. So Whimsical Well it is! I put the before and after pictures here so you can see how it's changed. It actually used to be filled with garbage that people would burn in and not a pretty sight! But since we now have a palapa roof right above it on the garage, we decided we didn't want burning near the palapa so we created a cactus garden in it. I love this idea of changing something that was an eye sore into something fun to look at and brings a smile to people's faces when they drive by. I also titled the painting on it "Sun and Moon ride the Waves". We're hoping to also plant more cactus and plants in a semi-cirle around the Well and extend the garden!

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