Friday, January 23, 2009

Desert Bird Painting

"She Heard the Desert Calling"
Approx. image size 6.75" x 6"
Acrylic on Paper, Unframed

Today I found myself really contemplating what I want to spend my time painting. And I decided the two things I love to paint the most are my small bird paintings, my Native American themed paintings and my Lyrical World series. I finished a small desert bird painting today that I really love (see above image). I've been exploring the tropical theme recently and have enjoyed that. But what I enjoy doing the most, creating colorful worlds from my imagination, wasn't being tapped into as much with the Tropical theme. So I've decided in essence to get back to my roots. The Lyrical World Series is one I developed when I lived in New York City and where I fine tuned my current style of painting. These colorful worlds are my favorite so that is what I'm going to start painting again as well as more small bird paintings. I will be doing various sizes of the Lyrical World series and you can see a sample of a small one below.

I'm also going to be raising my prices in 2009 and you will see this reflected on my web site soon. I will be revising and fine tuning my web site in the next few months and adjusting prices. Meanwhile I am involved in a big STUDIO SALE next week at the Tumalo Art Co. gallery in Bend. I'll have about 8 paintings there at drastically reduced prices. I'll be posting them on my blog with their sale prices on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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