Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back on the Caribbean side

Last Saturday we missed our bus to Cahuita so we ended up staying the night in San Jose at the Hotel Don Carlos. It is a really charming small hotel with lots of nice artwork throughout. Two paintings I really liked are above. I like the way the moon and night sky are used in the paintings and the deep reds used!
 On Sunday morning we went walking around downtown San Jose and went to a park (see photo) where there was a national museum. And then we went to a public market where there were hundreds of booths inside a large building with people selling everything imaginable! It was very fun to browse the booths.

Then we got back to the hotel in time to catch a shuttle bus. We arrived in Cahuita in the afternoon. We really like it in Cahuita. It is much quieter, cleaner and friendlier than Puerto Viejo. Although it is the slow season now and we hear it really changes during the high season with so many tourists in town. There are a couple main streets there with lots of little shops and restaurants. We stayed at the Hotel Jaguar and enjoyed the beach directly across the street! There is a National Park at the far end of town with a trail through the jungle that goes out to the beach. But unfortunately since the Hotel Jaguar had their high speed internet down, we decided to go back to the Hotel Guarana in Puerto Viejo. It felt like coming home because they gave us our old room back. And since everything was so familiar to us, it felt really nice to be back! And we're really enjoying the sunshine! I'll post some more photos later.

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