Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Costa Rica Links

Greg and I have all the legs of our trip for the various ways of travelling in Costa Rica covered. We're not renting a car so we'll be travelling by bus, taxi and plane. This site has been very helpful www.easyridecr.com. And this site is great too: www.monteverdetours.com/transport/index.htm
Greg found a site about the night life/music scene in the Montezuma area which is on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific side: http://beachareapropertiescr.com/costa-rica-night-life-tambor.html
We'll be staying in Montezuma for a few days...Looks like we'll be doing some dancin'. I'll be bringing some paints and paper along too so I can get some paintin' in as well. Can't wait!

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